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Contact Tim Hayes at Hayes is for Horses.
Contact Tim Hayes at Hayes is for Horses.
Contact Tim Hayes at Hayes is for Horses.
Contact Tim Hayes at Hayes is for Horses.

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Tim Hayes - Horse Directory

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Riding Home now available in bookstores.

In March of 2015 St. Martin’s Press published my book Riding Home – The Power of Horses To Heal with a Foreword by Robert Redford (learn more at www.ridinghome.com).

Riding Home: The Power of Horses to Heal by Tim HayesPRAISE FOR "RIDING HOME: The Power of Horses to Heal"
by Tim Hayes

The lessons you’ll take away from this beautiful volume of healing and love between man and nature will stay with you for a long time. And who knows, maybe it will open a door to healing for you or someone you love. Tim Hayes has made this his life work and the world is a better place for it.
— ROBERT REDFORD from the foreword

Learn how horses can heal people and the power of equine therapy. Riding Home is essential reading for horse lovers and everyone who works with people who need healing.
— TEMPLE GRANDIN, author of "Animals in Translation" and "Animals Make us Human"

Riding Home is the result of many years of Tim Hayes’ dedicated research on the healing power of horses…a different type of horsepower. The remarkable interaction between a horse and human provides the opportunity for solace, understanding and healing. Tim explains how horses are able to initiate the healing of our war veterans suffering from PTSD; a diagnosis that can be notoriously heartbreaking and difficult to treat. Through the horse, we can all connect physically, mentally, and spiritually.
— LARRY MAHAN, 6 time World Champion All Around Cowboy, 2 time World Champion Bull Rider, Western Horseman Man of the Year, 2014

Tim’s deep compassion, understanding and devotion to the well being of both humans and horses comes through in the quiet eloquence of this very well written book. His keen observations of the healing powers that horses can have on the human spirit are woven through with the kind of wisdom that makes this book more than a worthwhile read.
— MARK RASHID, horse trainer, horsemanship clinician, and author of "Horses Never Lie" and "Considering the Horse"

Riding Home will inspire and further encourage those with mental and emotional disabilities to find the dramatic beneficial effects as well as the elation and spirit derived from being with horses.
— DR. ROBERT M. MILLER, D.V.M., equine behaviorist, author of "Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horse’s Mind," and co-author of "The Revolution In Horsemanship and What It Means To Mankind"

Learn more and buy the book at www.ridinghome.com

CONTACT TIM: tim@hayesisforhorses.com or 800-959-3101.

Hayesisforhorses.com is about Natural Horsemanship. The word Natural in horsemanship means what is natural for the horse. How the horse experiences his life and his world. Normal Horsemanship (what most of us were originally taught) is how the human perceives and interprets the world for the horse including his thoughts and his feelings. Communication is achieved through physical force.

Tim Hayes and his horse Austin
Tim and his horse Austin

Natural Horsemanship creates a relationship with a horse by communicating in the same natural language they use with each other: body language, touch and feel. It creates an unusual inter-species bonding between a predator animal (the human) and a prey animal (the horse). Using compassion, Natural Horsemanship enables the human to understand the relationship from the horse's point of view. He can then communicate with the horse not only physically but more importantly mentally and emotionally. This transforms the relationship into a mutual willing partnership by creating the same three necessary qualities required in all positive human relationships: mutual love, trust and respect. It is these three qualities that allow the horse to accept the human as his respected and trusted leader on the ground and on his back. This is the secret to riding together with harmony.


Tim Hayes and Tom Dorrance
Tim and Tom Dorrance

My journey in Natural Horsemanship has blessed me with learning directly from some of the greatest teachers in the world. My goal is to pass on what I was taught and encourage everyone to keep an open mind, investigate and discover for themselves the phenomenal things you can do with horses using the methods of Natural Horsemanship. Whether you learn from me or one of the master horsemen I have included on this site, the most important thing is to find a teacher you like, you understand and who inspires you. My teaching philosophy and methods can be found in my horsemanship clinics and my articles, which appear in the other sections of this site. The article entitled "The Secret of Great Riding" also gives a brief description of some of what is taught at my 1st Degree Horsemanship Clinics and Classes.


Photo of Jennifer, student of Tim Hayes, jumping
One of Tim's students, Jennifer Post-Rudolph

All the information on this site will be profoundly helpful to both English and Western, Beginner to Advanced levels. It is a program that will greatly improve any discipline: Jumping, Trail Riding, Dressage, Reining, Eventing, Barrel Racing, Polo, Drill Teams, Police Work, Parade Riding, Showing and Backyard Companionship. Please consider me a resource for everything from Natural Horsemanship to problem solving, difficult horses, trailer loading or any situation between you and your horse that either of you would like to improve. Natural horsemanship has given me the amazing ability of sharing thoughts, feelings, and ideas with one of God's most magnificent creations. I am grateful to be able to pass it on to you. Feel free to get in touch with me as often as you like and tell me about your horse.


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